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 Lash Lift

A Lash Lift is a current trend sweeping the beauty industry, elevating clients' lashes and making them feel gorgeous. Lash Lifts from Nue Beauty can help you achieve a natural and attractive look without the damage caused by a traditional last life. The revolutionary  lash-lifting process provides beautiful, curled lashes lasting up to 8 weeks. Don't experience another day of dull lashes; schedule your appointment with Nue Beauty today!


Why Lash Lift Treatment is Right For You


A Lash Lift is a process that uses a specially formulated solution to curl/lift your lashes without adding fake eyelashes. All Lash products are cruelty-free and full of nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, Panthenol, and Keratin, to name a few.

With all these nutrients in the solutions, your lashes and brows are 100% protected and nourished during treatment, making it nearly impossible to over-process or cause any damage.

The Lash Lift Process

During a eyelash lift treatment, the lashes are lifted

(curled) and darkened with an eyelash tint. In the end, a

client walks out of the Nue Beauty salon with perfectly

curled and darkened lashes that look fuller and longer.

Results of a Lash Lift can last up to 8-12 weeks,
depending on the individual's natural lash cycle.


After discussing your lash type, health, and desired results,

our Nue Beauty lash expert will thoroughly clean your

eyelashes, completely removing any oils or makeup residue.

A protective eye mask is applied to protect your lower

lashes and undereye area. After this step, the client's eyes

will remain closed for the process.


The lash technician adheres the upper lashes to a silicone mold explicitly chosen for each client to start the Lash Lift process. The molds are available in three sizes and are chosen depending on the client's desired look. Then, the lashes are carefully isolated to ensure a professional, sculpted look before applying the Lashes solution. This lash separation is the longest step in the treatment process because your expert will want to ensure your eyelashes look perfect. They will remain in this shape for the next 8-12 weeks


Once the lashes are "set," the Lash Lift solution is applied, focusing on the roots. Traditional lash perms apply the solution over the entire lash, which dries and weakens the lashes. The all-natural ingredients of  products prevent this damage.


Once your Nue Beauty professional feels that your  Lash Lift solution has been set, they will clean the area and apply a second solution to lock in the shape of your curled lashes. Your lashes will look beautiful at this point, but to ensure they are perfect, your technician will apply a darkening tint if requested. If you want to pass on any tinting addition, a nutritious keratin serum is applied to finish the lash-lift process and help rehydrate and nourish your newly lifted lashes.

After completing your Lash Lift treatment, your technician removes the silicone molds. 


Then, your lashes will be gently cleansed to remove all the treatment products. The client's lashes are brushed to finalize the process, and a protein mascara can be applied to reveal your final lashes.


Follow Up Care for Lash Lifts

Nue Beauty suggests clients keep their lashes completely dry for at least 24 hours. You will also want to avoid touching them for that same period. This time away from water ensures your newly lifted (and possibly tinted) lashes keep their shape and color.


Avoid swimming, washing your hair and face around the eyes, or any other activity that could wet your lashes. This step is critical because wetting your lashes can cause them to uncurl. After waiting 24 hours, giving your lashes a thorough wash is okay. This washing rids the lashes of any remaining residues from the Nue Beauty lash lift service. Clients pat dry their lashes with a towel and use a mascara wand to brush them.


At this point, clients can return to their everyday routines and wear eye makeup, including eye makeup.


Lash Lifts are Safe and Natural

Our formula is EU-approved and meets the most rigorous product assessment standards. Additionally, its incomparable formulation delivers unmatched nourishment to lashes that cannot be found in any other lash-lifting products on the market!


So, if you are looking for a safe and natural way to dramatically enhance your lashes without the use of any synthetic extensions, then our Lash Lift is definitely right for you. Schedule an appointment with Nue Beauty today!


Benefits of Lash Lifts

The Lash Lift formula has been tested extensively

and passed all EU regulatory tests, which means it meets

some of the strictest standards for beauty product testing.

Not only does it provide long-lasting curl and lifting

without damaging or breaking your natural lashes, but its

unique formula also provides nourishment directly to your

lashes—a benefit not offered by other lash-lifting products

on the market today!


The formula for Lash Lifts is designed to pull your

lashes from the root without adding fake lashes. The

addition of fake lash extensions can irritate the eye after

a few weeks, as they start to degrade and deteriorate.


Lash Lift FAQ

  • How often should I get a Lash Lift Treatment?

Lashes suggests waiting at least four weeks between each lash lift to keep your eyelashes healthy. Most people don't schedule their next appointment for 8-12 weeks.


  • What's the difference between a lash lift and eyelash extensions?

With a Lash Lift, no fake eyelashes are added during treatment. When you schedule an eyelash extension service, an extension technician glues synthetic or mink lashes onto your natural lashes.


  • Will eyelash tint show on my black lashes? Should I consider it with my Lash Lift?

Clients with dark lashes notice their eyelashes are bolder and shinier with the eyelash tint. 

Eyelash tint helps your newly lifted eyelashes appear longer by adding color to the very tips of the lashes. Typically, this part of the eyelash is so delicate that it is difficult to see.


  • Can I get a Lash Lift if I have sensitive or dry eyes?

Sensitivities such as dry eye or allergic reactions to Lashes products are rare, but if you have specific allergies or very sensitive eyes, mention your condition during your Nue Beauty consultation.


If you have sensitive skin or eyes or suffer from dry eye, here are some ways to help reduce irritation:

  • Avoid wearing eye makeup at least 24 hours before your appointment.

  • Avoid scrubbing your face or using exfoliating products for 3-5 days before your appointment.

  • Don't wear contact lenses to your appointment.

  • If you have seasonal allergies, take an antihistamine beforehand.


You won't be able to use eye drops following your Lash Lift treatment without possibly compromising the results. The necessity to avoid drops is an important aspect to consider.


  • Can I get a lash lift if I have an eye infection or recovering from an infection?

You cannot get an eyelash lift if you have any type of eye

infection or have completed treatment for an infection

within the last three days. You MUST reschedule your

appointment if this occurs.

If you've had recent eye surgery, check with your doctor

to see when it's safe for you to schedule your lash lift.

For most procedures, you'll have to wait at least six months. 


Please consult with your physician before scheduling an

appointment for any other conditions.


Lash Lifts from Nue Beauty in San Francisco is the best

option for your needs if you are looking for an easy way to

make your eyes pop without sacrificing beauty or safety. This revolutionary process offers long-lasting curls and lifts with added nourishment for your natural eyelashes. Plus, it is backed by extensive testing and has even passed all EU regulatory tests – so you know you are getting a safe and effective product. Try Lash Lifts by Nue Beauty by booking online today and experience beautiful curls/lifts that will last up to 8 weeks! 

Schedule an Appointment

If you're ready to achieve the lashes of your dreams, schedule an appointment at our salon today.


Nue Beauty offers high-end brow lamination, spray tanning, body sugaring, and Lash Lift services using the highest quality products in the San Francisco area. All sugaring services are done with an exclusive professional-grade organic sugar, and our other exclusive products offer clients a more comfortable experience and long-lasting results. Reach out to Nue Beauty today and schedule an appointment.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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